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Bed and Breakfasts

www.bbdirectory.com - Wakeman and Costineís North American Bed and Breakfast Directory web site emphasizes romantic, charming lodges throughout the United States and Canada. Also featured are award-winning recipes from these establishments.

www.bedandbreakfast.com - At this site find descriptions of numerous inns, some of them reviewed by former guests.

www.innsite.com - Innkeepers submit their own descriptions for this site. In addition to information about their lodgings, they often include which attractions and recreational activities are available in the local area.

Free Lodging

www.globalfreeloaders.com - Members at this free site can arrange to stay at each otherís homes for free. All members are required to offer hosting services for a six month period. As a host, you are allowed to have criterias for who your guests might be (such as age, etc.) and you are allowed to reject potential guests for any reason. In my opinion, for safety reasons, please use this site cautiously.


www.intervac.com - The Intervac site has over 11,000 listings in over 50 countries. All sorts of arrangements are covered. You can do a double exchange, rent a house, and various other lodging possibilities. Home exchanges tend to be more economical than other lodging options and tend to give one more of a "local" experience. The site claims that problems are infrequent, but obviously they can not guarantee a problem-free situation. The Intervac site makes money from listing fees, which vary based on which country the home is in.

www.vrbo.com - Over 53,000 vacation rentals from all over the world available at this site.

www.world-world.com - At World-World, find picture and comprehensive details about apartments and homes for rent located all over the world.



www.hostels.com - This youth-oriented web site has location information, advice, and travel stories about hostels throughout the world.


www.hotels.com - These hotel prices are worth comparing with other sites.

www.hotelview.com - Free short online videos of hotels in major cities in the United States and abroad.


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