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 Cruise Sites

www.celebrity-cruises.com - Celebrity Cruises offers luxurious five-star amenities, gourmet dining, and beautiful ports of call.

www.cruiseopinion.com - At this site, actual customers have written comprehensive reviews of the each of the cruise ships and journeys.

http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/dcl/en_US/home/home?name=HomePage&bhcp=1 - The world-famous Disney Cruise Line.

www.hollandamerica.com - The Holland America line is the nine time winner of the World Ocean and Cruise Liner Society’s "Best Overall Cruise Value" award. This ship line goes to over 250 ports worldwide.

www.icruise.com - Determine where, when, and how long you want to go, and which amenities are important to you, and this site will generate a list of cruises from different cruise lines that fit your criteria.

www.ncl.com - Norwegian Cruise Line specializes in "freestyle" trips. For those who want a less restrictive cruise experience, you can dine whenever and with whomever you wish. Attire, activities, and a leisurely morning disembarkment all have a "freestyle" theme.  They have a high service ratio of almost one crew member per stateroom.

www.windstarcruises.com - (Their motto is "Where the ordinary world melts away.") The Windstar Cruises line prides themselves on picking enchanting, intriguing, mysterious ports of call. Their ships are small and elegant. You can view cruise video clips at their web site and also order a video.


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